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If your kitchen is in need of a deep clean, who are you going to call…Greasebusters of course! Specialist in all commercial kitchen cleaning from canopy cleaning, duct cleaning and exhaust fan cleaning. If your kitchen system is not in a clean condition you might just have a fire hazard on your hands.


Q. Why employ the professionals?
A. To be safe, clean, and legal. Greasebusters are highly trained, qualified and certified for all commercial kitchen cleaning jobs. If considering cleaning it yourself or trying to persuade an unresponsive employee to clean your vents, canopy or exhaust fan is just, well, a bad idea.

There are many occupational work and safety issues to consider. Should your employee slip (because grease is slippery) you will be left liable. Get the professionals with their specialist tools, equipment and expertise to deep clean your kitchen.


Q. What do we clean?
A. Everything you see, and everything you don’t see too. We clean your entire kitchen system, starting with the exhaust fan and motor, flue, filter mounts then clean and polish the canopy hood. No job is too small, big, narrow or too filthy (in fact, we love filth).


Q. How do we clean your kitchen system?
A. We use a combination of true grit, elbow grease and a proven chemical formula that after years of trials and experience give by far the best results.


Q. Do we need to clean the whole system?
A. Absolutely! Canopy hoods and fire protection systems have the most legal requirements of any equipment in the kitchen. Grease deposits can pose both a fire risk and the danger of bacterial contamination. Tackling these issues is vital for your business on many levels, and is a standard part of our commercial kitchen cleaning service.


Q. How often does the kitchen system need to be cleaned?
A. That depends on the type of cooking you do and how often your system is used. Greasebusters can provide either a one-off deep clean or regular scheduled kitchen cleans monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

To be on the safe side any commercial kitchen should arrange cleaning at least once a year. Keeping a grease-free and fire safe system can protect you from this hazard. A kitchen system that is safe and clean will work a peak performance and provide a kitchen that is cooler and more productive.


Q. What to look for when hiring a commercial kitchen cleaning company?
A. Training, certification and years of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for a company’s portfolio, in this line of business you are only as good as your last contract. Be sure to take a good look at their website for photos and past contracts. Seeing believing in our dirty line of work.

For more information on any of our cleaning services don’t hesitate to call Sean who will be in touch to discuss your needs 07742778555.

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